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Annotate Add-On

Annotate Add-On for the IBM Rational ClearCase SCM Adapter

Features at a Glance

  • Integrates the "cleartool annotate" command into Eclipse: View the contents of a ClearCase version where every line range is annotated with the corresponding ClearCase comment
  • View the ClearCase history in an additional Eclipse view
  • From the ClearCase history view open any version of a ClearCase element

Evaluate Now

  • Anonymous evaluation of a functionally restricted demo version from the following Plugin Smithy Software Eclipse update site:
  • A fully functional time-limited evaluation version is available after registration. Please register here to request your evaluation copy.

Annotate Add-On Features

The Annotate Add-On integrates itself into the "Team" context menu of the IBM Rational ClearCase SCM adapter. After selecting the "Annotate" operation from the context menu a new editor window showing the contents of the selected version is opened. In the ruler at the left-hand side of the window coloured annotations are displayed that visualize which parts of the text file belong to the same version. Hovering with the mouse over the coloured regions opens a tooltip window which display the creator's user id, the timestamp and the comment of the version.
New in version 2: An additional view displays the ClearCase history for the element. From the context menu of the versions in the ClearCase history every version can be opened in the Annotate editory. This feature implements a quick access to the contents of any version of a ClearCase element.
The complete list of features and also the known restrictions are documented in the help of the Annotate Add-On that is accessible online.

System Requirements

The Annotate Add-On V2 has the following system requirements:
  • IBM Rational ClearCase SCM adapter V 7.0.0.x for Eclipse 3.2.x or newer
  • ClearCase 5.0 or later
  • An operating system that is supported by the IBM Rational ClearCase SCM adapter V 7.0.0.x for Eclipse 3.2.x
  • JRE 1.5 or newer
  • Eclipse 3.x, and corresponding other Eclipse-based products, like for example IBM Rational Application Developer, IBM Rational Software Architect, and so on
The Annotate Add-On V2 does not work out of the box with Eclipse 4.x (code name "Juno") environments. See the article in the FAQ for a workaround. A new major release of the Annotate Add-On is under development which will fully support Eclipse 4.x environments.

License Terms

The license terms for the Annotate Add-On are here.


Customers in the Americas, Australia, New Zealand and Japan are invoiced in US Dollar, all other regions in Euro.
At least five licenses have to be ordered with a single order. The Annotate Add-On is licensed per user according to the following price scale for a single order:

Price per license
1st to 10th
10 EUR/15 US$
11th to 20th
8 EUR/12 US$
starting from 21st
6 EUR/9 US$

For customers from Germany 19% VAT is added. Customers from the remaining countries of the European Union have to pay the VAT in their home country. For customers from other countries these prices are final.
This offering is exclusively intended for corporate customers. Click here for placing an order.

Update to Version 2

An update from version 1 to version 2 of the Annotate Add-On is available for 50% of the purchase price. Please contact order@pluginsmithy.com if you are interested in an offer for an update.